viernes, 24 de julio de 2015

Motors Turbine Unit CX236-1 Dental Air Compressor

 COXO® Compresor De Aire Dental Motors Turbina Unit CX236-1 One Drive One 550W


Motors Turbine Unit CX236-1 Dental Air Compressor 


1. Free Oil, Noiseless.
2. Easy and safe to use.
3. Cylinder liner system exclusive development of nano-coating technology to abandon ordinary oil-free material manufacturers, quieter, cleaner, longer life, to meet the more demanding areas, such as food, medicine industry.
4. White Outlook.

Compresor De Aire Dental Specification

Power supply: 220VAC 50HZ/ 110v 60HZ
Current: 2.4A
Power: 1x550W
Air flow: 73L/min(0.4MPa)
Noise: 50db
Rotating speed:1400r/min
Air tank volume:30L
MAX pressure:0.8MPa
Start pressure:5.5MPa
Weight: 26.7KG

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